Remembrance 2020

Remembrance 2020

5th of November, 2020

This year we remember then and reflect on now. We remember the service and sacrifice made by so many people, communities and nations.

Remembrance honours those who serve to defend our democratic freedoms and way of life.

Remembrance unites us across faiths, cultures and backgrounds to remember the service and sacrifice of the Armed Forces community from Britain and the Commonwealth.

What we're remembering this year.

In 2020 we pay tribute to the men and women of the Second World War generation, and to those of today, who have served and sacrificed to defend our nation. We remember the collaboration of the Commonwealth and Allied nations who stood shoulder to shoulder then to secure our freedom and the communities coming together today to protect us all.

Remembrance ideas for 2020

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, people need to consider new ways of performing Remembrance activities, for example:

  • Hold a small Remembrance service in your garden.
  • Create a Remembrance space in your garden by planting plants that have a connection to Remembrance.
  • Use Zoom, Facebook or another online meeting resource to host an online Remembrance service or activity.
  • Set up a community Remembrance forum to discuss different residents’ Remembrance stories.
  • Create an online exhibition of Remembrance related photos from local residents that schools or others could use to discuss local Remembrance activities.
  • Do an online interview with a local veteran or someone currently serving to discuss what service and sacrifice means to them. You could send people the link and create an online audience. 
  • Find online articles and documents of Remembrance that family, friends and others can read together as a mark of Remembrance.
  • Write letters of Remembrance to veterans or serving personnel. 
  • Use The Royal British Legion's online resources to help children learn about Remembrance. 
  • Create your own Remembrance art piece  – children and families could be asked to display something in their window similar to the rainbows for the NHS