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History & Geography

Kelbrook was historically a part of the now divided old parish of Thornton-in-Craven in the West Riding of Yorkshire, it was administered as part of Skipton Rural District, until boundary changes in 1974.

Sough formed an area of Earby Urban District in the West Riding of Yorkshire until boundary changes in 1974.

Kelbrook & Sough are part of West Craven, therefore keeping cultural links with Yorkshire and Craven.

Kelbrook is a village in the civil parish of Kelbrook & Sough, Borough of Pendle, in Lancashire, England. It lies on the A56 road between Colne and Earby. It had a population of 1,026 recorded in the 2011 census.

Sough is a hamlet, in Lancashire, England, it is located east of the main A56 road between Earby and Kelbrook; it is in the area known as West Craven in the district of Pendle.

Kelbrook & Sough Today

The villages form part of the West Craven Area Committee of Pendle Borough Council and are part of Pendle from a council and electoral standpoint.

There are a number of local walks and bridleways in the area, there is also a playground and the Memorial Gardens at Sough Park, which holds the accredited Fields in Trust protection.

A Neighbourhood Plan has been accepted, this aims to retain the rural nature of the parish, encourage a sense of community, promote sustainable economic activity for current and future generations whilst retaining the rural, farming traditions of the area and encourage the protection of wildlife habitats and biodiversity.

The Role of Kelbrook & Sough Parish Council

Kelbrook & Sough Parish Council’s role is to maintain and improve the quality of life in the area for the benefit of all residents, whilst improving amenities whenever appropriate and within budget, to conduct affairs according to the recommended codes of practice and ruling legislation and to ensure accounts are appropriately managed and audited in a timely manner.

We are here to maintain and improve public areas, to preserve our heritage, to be actively involved in environmental projects, enhancement and preservation of our town, to work with local clubs and organisations, and to liaise with Pendle Borough Council, Lancashire County Council and other governing bodies to continue a good working relationship.